Cyber Threat 2014 Symposium

The Cyber Threat 2014 online forum provides cyber professionals an insight into the latest trends in cyber warfare and security. The theme for the 2014 event is “Mapping the Threats and Opportunities in the Cyber Arena”, addressing the challenges and opportunities today’s cyber security professionals are dealing with.

These topics are addressed by members of government agencies, military and industry experts from represented countries.

The event is attended by experts from industry, government, military and the private sector.

The conference is accessible by invitation, it will be open for all Cyberthreat Forum members and Defense-Update subscribers (Subscribe here)

To secure your participation apply for membership to obtain your invitation

Symposium Tracks:

  • The Cyber Arena – Risks and Opportunities.
  • Cyber Intelligence Collection
  • Network Exploitation and Security
  • Targeting the Embedded Systems
  • Infrastructure Vulnerabilities
  • Cyber threats and unmanned

Interested in presenting your expertise?

Call for paper is now open!

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Presentations will be posted online and will be accessible only to invited delegates. In addition, by subscribing you will gain access to the Armourforum discussion board which will provide you direct access and networking opportunities with the speakers and other attendees.

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